Compass Compression Secures Frick® Licensed OEM Packager Status

Compass Compression Services Ltd. (“Compass Compression”) of Calgary, Alberta, has been selected to represent Frick®, as a licensed OEM Packager of Frick Rotary Screw Compressors. Frick® OEM Packagers are selected based on their excellence, experience, qualifications and skills.

“This represents another strategic milestone for our customers, employees and our shareholders as we continue down the road of record growth and unparalleled capabilities,” said John Forgeron, President of Compass Compression.

"We will be able to roll-out the Frick® gas compressor line-up seamlessly, and immediately offer new product sales, parts, service and support to existing users and new customers," said Kirk Dunn, who leads the service division at Compass Compression.

Compass Compression’s in-depth fabrication and service experience partnered with Frick®’s exceptional rotary lineup will afford customers an unprecedented level of diversity in product and application solutions.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Frick®. It is a popular and trusted name in refrigeration and gas compression and they offer the largest array of close-coupled screw compressors in the industry,” said Phil Ness, Vice President Operations of Compass Compression.

Frick® currently offers over 100 screw compressor models ranging from 45 CFM to 8327 CFM (10 hp – 6000 hp), designed to compress a variety of gasses in many applications including industrial and process refrigeration, water chilling, well-head compression, gas gathering, fuel gas boosting and vapor recovery.

Compass Compression has been focused on expanding its capabilities and reach. This appointment, in addition to an increased horsepower range, growth in field services, and a new fabrication facility has catapulted Compass Compression to the forefront of the North American gas compression market.

About Compass Compression Services Ltd.
Compass Compression has significantly expanded packaging capabilities to provide screw, reciprocating and vane compressor packages ranging between 10 - 5000 HP. Packages are designed for a variety of applications including; gathering, acid gas, vapor recovery, gas lift, storage, refrigeration and gas processing.

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