30 HP Rotary Vane VRU Compressor Package

Compass Compressions standard vane vapour recovery unit (VRU) is designed to recover sweet or sour gas from oil and/or condensate tanks and deliver it for further processing up to 50 psig. VRU's are designed to recover vapours which are otherwise vented or flared. In some cases unmanaged vapours can result in limited oil production.
30 HP Rotary Vane VRU Compressor Package (Standard Unit)
Compass Compression Model No. EM30-RV7D
Application Tank Vapour Recovery
Location Alderson, Alberta
Objective A cost effective tank vapour compressor package, Ps (atm), Pd 30 -50 psig
Compass Compression Solution Our standard vane vapour recovery package is available in three sizes and has been designed for sweet or sour gas with the ability to customize the compressor and driver selection to meet a variety of discharge pressures and flow rates. This vapour recovery unit includes a variable speed driver and inlet make-up valve for capacity control as well as a circulating vane jacket cooling system for improved vane life and maximum operating range flexibility.
* Also available in 10 and 50 HP, 1800 rpm electric motor drive.
Major Equipment Specifications
Compressor Ro-Flo model 7D rotary vane compressor complete with circulating jacket cooling system
Drive 30 HP, 1800 rpm electric motor drive
Scrubber 16" horizontal inlet scrubber
Control Panel Allen Bradley - Micro Logix PLC control system
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