550 HP Acid Gas Reciprocating Compressor Package

550 HP Acid Gas Reciprocating Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

Compass Compression Model No.



Acid Gas Injection


Pouce Coupe, British Columbia

Customer Objective

An acid gas injection reciprocating compressor package

Design Challenges

Acid gas composition 50% H2S, 40% CO2, 10% H20

Compass Compression Solution

Compass Compression constructed a custom 5-stage, reciprocating, electric drive, acid gas injection package.

This package required a high level of engineering to ensure operability and a minimal level of maintenance. It incorporated Compass' acid gas injection standards which includes full stainless steel process construction. This unit was designed to minimize process flaring and potential emissions.

Major Equipment Specifications


Ariel JGR/4, (1) 17.25" R, (1) 13.00" R, (1) 8.375" R, (1) 7.00" R-CE, (1) 3.625" R-HE cylinders


TECO-Westinghouse 550 HP electric motor, 1200 rpm, 4160 V / 3 PH / 60 Hz

Air Cooler

Air-X-Limited 132EF forced draft cooler assembly, complete with warm air recirculation

Control Panel

Allen Bradley - Compact Logix PLC control system

Other Features

Full stainless steel weld package (vessels, piping, vales and instrumentation)

Please contact our technical sales team to determine your compression package requirements.

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