250 HP Oil Sands Solvent Recovery Module

250 HP Oil Sands Solvent Recovery Module (Custom Unit)

Compass Compression Model No.

EM250-RAJ4 (Process)


Solvent Recovery Module

Customer Objective

An oil sands process solvent recovery module

Design Challenges

• Asphaltene build-up
• Corrosive gasses
• Handling of light liquids dropping out in the intercoolers
and final stage condenser

Compass Compression Solution

Compass Compression engineered a custom 3-stage vapour recovery compressor package designed for a corrosive application. The final design included a discharge economizer, condenser and LT separator to address the unique design challenges of this project.

*Sour gas process module

Major Equipment Specifications


Ariel JGJ/4 complete with (2) 10.50", (1) 8.50" & (1) 4.75" cylinders


250 HP electric motor, 1200 rpm, 600V / 3PH / 60 Hz

Control Panel

Allen Bradley - Compact Logix PLC control panel complete with accessories

Other Features

Condensing module on discharge, including gas-gas exchanger, chiller and discharge separator.

Please contact our technical sales team to determine your compression package requirements.

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  1. Great! John, my best friend, would be very pleased this new addition to your module/custom units. He’s really into chemical engineering and has been studying about solvent recovery lately. Maybe the specs you shared here could be of great help to him. What do you think?


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