60 HP Rotary Vane VRU & 150 HP Reciprocating Recycle Compressor Package

Compass Compression has coined this unit our "2-in-1 Vane-Cip".

60 HP Rotary Vane VRU & 150 HP Reciprocating Recycle Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

Compass Compression Model No.

EM60-RV & EM150-RAA2


Combined vapour recovery unit (VRU) & overhead compressor


Dawson Creek, British Columbia


A sour plant vapour recovery unit (VRU) and overhead recycle compressor package.

Compass Compression Solution

Compass Compression engineered a custom module with both services, VRU and Overhead, mounted on one common skid. The VRU gas recovered fluids as a side stream to the overhead recycle compressor package.

This package was completed with a common PLC, crane and building which offered our end users improved ease of installation, cost effectiveness and overall operability.

Major Equipment Specifications


EM60-RV, electric drive rotary vane compressor

EM150-RAA2-2, Ariel JGA/2 complete with (1) 5.75" M & (1) 4.75" M cylinders

Air Cooler

Air-X-Limited 42VVI induced draft cooler assembly

Control Panel

Kilowatt Controls PLC control panel complete with accessories

Other Features

Plate & frame process coolers for "No Freeze" indirect cooling

Please contact our technical sales team to determine your compression package requirements.

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