Compass Compression Solutions Ltd. Launches Williston Basin / Bakken Shale Field Service Division

Compass Compression Solutions Ltd. (“Compass Compression”) announced today a new field service division based in Minot, North Dakota.  The new field service division will supply coverage to North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

“Our USA field service expansion is in response to increased oil & gas activity in the Williston Basin and Bakken shale, but also follows numerous Compass Compression unit start-ups in the area” said Dave Cruttenden, Director of Business Development at Compass Compression. “It demonstrates our commitment to customers and aligns with our corporate vision ‘To be the trusted and preferred supplier in our industry’.”

Compass Compressions USA field service division will provide mechanical field services including; compressor commissioning, start-up assistance, compressor package tune-ups, preventative maintenance, on-site equipment overhauls, refrigeration and compression optimization, and power generator servicing.

 “For this expansion we focused on hiring local mechanics and keeping operations central to key operation areas to ensure increased accessibility and quick response times” said Kirk Dunn, who leads Parts & Service at Compass Compression.  “Our USA service team is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to meet the needs of our existing and future clients in the Williston Basin area.”

Compass Compression has been in business for more than a decade.  During the last few years their focus has been on expanding their capabilities and reach.  This service expansion, in addition to an increased horsepower range, the addition of Ariel and Frick to their list of OEM’s, larger horsepower rental options, and a new fabrication facility has catapulted Compass Compression to the forefront of the North American gas compression market.

About Compass Compression Services Ltd.
Compass Compression is a company of partnership, capability and response.  Our experienced team brings in-depth industry expertise and knowledge to your project.  We offer standard and custom screw, reciprocating and vane compressor packages ranging between 5 and 8,000 HP, while also providing comprehensive field services and compressor package rentals.

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