2445 HP Sour Sales Gas Compressor Package

Due to a tight manufacturing window presented by the client, Compass presented a “Cost Plus” arrangement. This allowed major components to be procured 6-8 weeks prior to the order being awarded, and removed a lengthy bidding cycle. Compass was able to move straight into engineering and design, focusing on client specifications and design requirements. 

The completion of this project was 10-12 weeks ahead of the conventional “End User/EPCM/Vendor” procurement cycle, and an open book on estimated labour and material was initially provided to the client, with weekly progress reporting. This provided the client with cost control on a weekly basis.

2445 HP Sour Sales Gas Compressor Package
Compass Compression Model No.CT2445-RAD4-1 Sour
ApplicationSour Sales Gas Compressor
LocationKobes (Northern BC)
ObjectiveInstall a 2500 HP single stage gas compressor package with shortened engineering and construction schedule time lines.
Design ChallengesPackaging constraints for BC shipping & weight restrictions,  design performance requirements based on limited compression horsepower available from the Caterpillar G3608TALE driver.
Compass Compression Solution
Compass proposed the use of a Caterpillar G3608TALE with an aux-water section rated for 110°F intercooling.  This increased the horsepower rating from the nominal 2370 bhp to 2445 bhp, a 3.1% increase in available HP for little additional capital cost to the project.  

The added HP allowed Compass Compression to exceed the design process requirement, while maintaining a costs on the project.
Major Equipment Specifications
CompressorAriel JGD/4 four throw, single stage natural gas compressor
DriveCaterpillar G3608TALE, rated 2445 bhp @ 1000 rpm
Air CoolerAir-X-Limited model 156 EF forced draft process gas cooler assembly
Control PanelPLC based control panel c/w accessories

Please contact our technical sales team to determine your compression package requirements.


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