Compass Compression's Distributorship Agreement with Ariel Expanded into Northern USA

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Compass Compression announced today its extended Ariel Corporation (“Ariel”) distributorship agreement for cold weather compression packaging into the Northern USA.

Since the appointment of Dave Cruttenden, Director of Business Development USA, and Compass Compression's original Ariel distributorship agreement in 2010, Compass Compression has provided Xtreme North cold weather compression packages to Northern USA. 

1380 HP Xtreme North Reciprocating Compressor Package

Ariel and Compass Compression have been working closely together with special consideration for each of these projects; this distributorship extension by Ariel streamlines the process and allows Compass Compression to provide customers an accelerated time to market.

“We are very excited to have our Ariel partnership extended,” said Dave Cruttenden, “In addition to our recent field service expansion into Northern USA it enhances Compass’ ability to supply and service our Xtreme North cold weather compression packages to our US customers.”

About Compass Compression's Xtreme North Packaging

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Compass Compression’s Xtreme North package is fully enclosed, insulated and heated, making it perfect for cold weather environments around the world.

With an Xtreme North compression package you can expect reduced project costs, reduced field construction time, built in noise attenuation, spill containment, increased production, and extended economic life and recoverable equipment costs by avoiding cold weather related problems.

Get more information on Compass Compression's Xtreme North packaging.

1680 HP Xtreme North Reciprocating Compressor Package

Compass Compression is a growth oriented company focused on capability, response and partnership.  Our highly technical team and significantly expanded packaging capabilities bring in-depth industry knowledge and hands on experience to any compression project.  Compass Compression offers standard and custom screw, reciprocating and vane compressor packages between 5 and 8,000 HP, and also provides comprehensive field services, large horsepower compressor package rentals and a dedicated retrofit team.

Compass Compression's Field Service Map

Compass Compression's Fild Service Map

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Ariel Corporation manufactures world standard compressors. Their goal is to manufacture a compressor that will work in the field for the maximum number of continuous hours.  Each Ariel compressor has been built upon the field-proven technology of its predecessor.

The Ariel name is well established, with a reputation for quality products and highly qualified distributors.  This is an ideal alliance between two companies committed to delivering the best possible solutions to customers.

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