1380 HP, 3 Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Package

1380 HP, 3 Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Package (Custom Unit)
Compass Compression Model No.CT1380-RAE4-3
ApplicationGas Gathering
LocationNorth-eastern United States
ObjectiveDesign and Engineer a 3-stage, 1380 bhp reciprocating compressor package to ship within a limited shipping envelope
Design ChallengesTo fit a package which is typically 24 feet wide x 20 feet high (peak height) into a envelope of 14 feet wide x 12 feet peak-height
Compass Compression Solution
We designed a fully assembled unit with the building installed for shipping, including a fully functional 3-ton overhead crane assembly. 

On either side of the package are (2) 3 foot wide building “bolt-on” modules, with no process piping or customer connections.  The modules, and building panels are fully assembled prior to shipping.  Field installation is limited to bolting the side modules to the main package, and flashing of the building modules together.  This is an easy process and only took a few hours on site for installation.
Major Equipment Specifications
CompressorAriel JGE/4 four throw, three stage natural gas compressor
DriveCaterpillar G3516TA-ULB natural gas engine rated 1380 bhp @ 1400 rpm
Air CoolerAir-X-Limited 96FF2 forced draft cooler assembly
Control PanelAllen Bradley – Compact logix PLC based control panel c/w accessories
Other FeaturesThe Caterpillar G3516TA-ULB were the first two Caterpillar “Ultra Lean Burn” engines packaged in Canada for Gas Compression Service.  As a result Compass Compression had to overcome many design challenges with respect to “conventional” packaging obstacles

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