OPEN: New Head Office and Production Facility

We are happy to announce that Compass Compression has opened a new production facility & head office! 
To better serve you and meet the demand for compressor packages and process equipment, we are proud to announce the opening of our 3rd facility and new head office, the Frontier. This extremely efficient facility was specifically designed to better meet our customers requirements for custom and standard large horsepower screw and reciprocating compressor packages, while freeing up existing production space for growth in small HP screw, vane and reciprocating compression, process equipment and revamps. 

The new 75,000-square-foot fabrication facility will increase our fabrication capacity by approximately 100%, for a total of 125,000 square feet of compressor and process packaging space. 

Compass has been growing to better meet customer needs. We have been recognized for achieving 444% growth in revenue over the past five years. The new facility is another step in our growth and enables us to offer a greater range of services for our customers.

The move will occur on August 15th 2015. The Frontier facility is located in Rocky View’s Southeast Frontier Industrial Park, at the intersection of 50th Avenue and 84th Street SE.


Frontier Facility
285028 Frontier Road
Rocky View County, Alberta T1X 0V9

This address will be effective August 14th 2015 (see map below)

Plenty of parking and convenient access by Stoney Trail and other major thoroughfares will make the facility a convenient location for our clients to visit. 

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