Dual Electric 100HP 2 Stage, Sweet Gas, Rotary Vane Compressor Package

Dual Electric 100HP 2 Stage, Sweet Gas, Rotary Vane Compressor Package
Compass Compression Model No.Dual EM100-RV-2 Stage
ApplicationSweet Gas Compressor
LocationNorthern Alberta (Resthaven Gas Plant)
ObjectiveTo engineer and design a 2-stage vane compressor skid with dual operating rotary vane compressor modules.  The compressor skid and auxiliary equipment designed for the addition of a third module upon plant expansion.
Design ChallengesLimited space for a conventional design.
Operating clearances for adequate service
Liquid condensation issues between stages with intercooling
Compass Compression Solution
A custom designed rotary vane compressor package encompassing a horizontal "2-in-1" suction scrubber for the first and second stage of compression allowing the vane compressor and electric motor drive to be positioned above the vessel.  Thus permitting liquids to be self draining to the vessel upon a shutdown, as well as having any liquids condensing out in the cooler (plate and frame) to be self draining to the second stage of the "2-in-1" horizontal vessel with space for both modules and the addition of a third module within a skid boundary provided by the client.

By elevating the vessel we were able to increase the NPSH to the first stage liquid drain pump providing assurance of pump operation in this difficult application, where the liquid is at or near vapor pressure.

With the use of "plate and frame" coolers for process gas intercooling we eliminated the need for special cooler controls to prevent freezing during witner operations (ambient temperatures of -40 °F)
Major Equipment Specifications
CompressorTwo modules, each with one RoFlo 10G and one RoFlo 210M, Rotary Vane Compressors
DriveTwo TECO 100HP @ 1200 rpm, 480V/3ph/60Hz electric motors
Air CoolerAir-X-Limited model 84BVI induced draft water cooler, sized for both compressor modules and future third module
Control PanelSingle AB, PLC based control panel for control of both modules and future third module

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